20 - 22 May 2019

Olympia London

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The ultimate show for the wine trade

The 39th edition of London Wine Fair is coming to Olympia on 20-22 May 2019.

Featuring over 14,000 wines from 32 countries, innovative tastings, critical masterclasses and a host of outstanding features, the show is an unmissable destination for anyone in the industry. Registration will open in January 2019.

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Champagne Live

An immersive and interactive Champagne tasting experience

The Champagne Bureau will be transporting the world of Champagne to London Wine Fair this year, with a brand new event: Champagne Live. 

Three themed pathways will create the heart of the tasting experience, with each signposted trail presenting a style of specific interest to the UK market, including vintage, non-vintage and rosé. Visitors will undertake their own Champagne journey, discovering the diversity of Champagne as they weave through themed tables and displays.

This event is by invitation.


Champagne Live programme - Tuesday 22 May
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Rosé wines, a story of success” Masterclass by Violaine de Caffarelli


Violaine de Caffarelli is an oenologist who joined the Comité Champagne team in 2007 and is currently working in the position of Communications Officer. Violaine previously studied at Ecole Supérieure De Commerce in Dijon and received her National Oenology Diploma at the University Reims Champagne Ardenne


Live from Champagne: Meteorology and vineyard: a new tool for Champagne winegrowers with Basile Pauthier


Since 2017, Champagne winegrowers dispose of a new tool allowing them to better track the weather conditions. Basile Pauthier will introduce you the features of this tool.

Basile Pauthier is an agro-meteorologist in charge of the Terroir project in the technical department of Comité Champagne. He is specifically working on sub-soil or soil characterization and agro-meteorology. Basile has a master graduation in sedimental geology and holds a PhD degree in agro-meteorology from the University of Burgundy.


Using precision viticulture to optimize grapevine production in Champagne - Masterclass by Constance Demestihas


Constance Demestihas is an agronomic engineer who currently works as a project management in the technical department of Comité Champagne. She specifically works on vine physiology, vine nutrition and precision viticulture.  Constance graduated from Montpellier SupAgro and AgroParistech and holds a PhD degree in Agronomy


Live from Champagne : Biodiversity and landscapes in the Champagne hillsides with Alexandra Bonomelli


Biodiversity plays an important role in the functioning of the ecosystem and in crop protection. It is therefore absolutely essential to preserve it. Vine growers are aware of this issue and involved in biodiversity improvement. For several years, they have been setting up land ecological infrastructure projects, and they are adapting their agricultural practices.
The recent inscription of “Champagne hillsides, houses and cellars” on the Unesco World Heritage List in 2015 had also raised an awareness of the importance of preserving and improving landscapes. Vine growers are making efforts to improve the beauty of Champagne landscapes.

Alexandra Bonomelli is an agronomic engineer who joined the Comité Champagne team in 2005. She currently works as a project manager in the technical department and is in charge of biodiversity and landscapes. Alexandra graduated from ENSAIA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie et des Industries Alimentaires) in Nancy, and holds a PhD degree in Agronomy.


Exhibiting producers include:

Andre Jacquart (NM) - AR Lenoble (NM) - Autreau de Champillon (NM) - Ayala (NM) - Beaumont des Crayères (CM) - Besserat de Bellefon (NM) - Billecart-Salmon (NM) - Bollinger (NM) - Brice (NM) - Bruno Paillard (NM) - Canard-Duchene (NM) - Castelnau (CM) - Cattier (NM) - Charles Heidsieck (NM) - Chassenay D'Arce (CM) - Collet (CM) - De Castellane (NM) - De Saint Gall (CM) - De Venoge (NM) - Delamotte (NM) - Delavenne Pere & Fils (RM) - Deutz (NM) - Devaux (CM) - Duval Leroy (NM) - Fluteau (RM) - Francis Orban (RM) - Froment Griffon (RC) - Gimonnet (RM) - Gosset (NM) - Gratiot (RM) - Gremillet (NM) - H.Blin (CM) - Heidsieck & CO Monopole (NM) - J D Telmont (NM) - Janisson (NM) - Jean Josselin (RM) - Jean Moutardier (NM) - Joseph Perrier (NM) - Laculle (RM) - La Villeseniere (RM) - Lanson (NM) - Laurent Bénard (RM) - Laurent Perrier (NM) - Louis Roederer (NM) - Mailly (CM) - Moet & Chandon (NM) - Nathalie Falmet (RM) - Nicolas Feuillatte (CM) - Palmer & Co. (CM) - Pannier (CM) - Pertois Moriset (RM) - Piper Heidsieck (NM) - Pol Roger (NM) - Pommery (NM) - Rene Jolly (RM) - Taittinger (NM) - Thienot (NM) - Tsarine (NM) - Vazart-Coquart (RM) - Veuve Clicquot (NM) - Vincent D’Astree (CM) - Yannick Prevoteau (RM)