18 - 20 May 2020

Olympia London

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The 39th edition of London Wine Fair was a huge success, featuring over 14,000 wines from 32 countries, innovative tastings, critical masterclasses and a host of outstanding features.

Planning is underway for our 40th edition, taking place from 18-20 May 2020.

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Innovation Zone

The home of innovation

London is already a launchpad for some of the world's most exciting start-ups. We've harnessed this and will be bringing some of the most exciting innovations and new wine technology into one buzzing zone. The whole area is built around an open theatre hosting TED-style talks and panel discussions. All sessions are first-come, first-seated. View the timetable below. Registration for our 40th edition opens in January 2020.
Monday 20 May 2019
Time Name Presenter
10:30 Building a community
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How to use social media, content and marketing to build the right audience and community to sell your wine. In order to successfully sell wine through a website, in a shop, or at a restaurant or bar you need to first build an audience. Find out how to use create carefully crafted content, be it through social media, video, podcasts, and marketing to build trust and support through a ready made community of consumers and customers willing to then go and support you, your brands and your business.

Camilla Gould, Wild Yeast Media
Sorcha Holloway, UK Wine hour
Jeremy Thomson, Common Collective
Janet Harrison, People’s Choice Wine Awards
Ruth Spivey, Wine Car Boot

11:45 Time to rip up traditional routes to market and go direct to consumers
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How direct to consumer brands - or digitally native brands - are disrupting traditional retail and supply chain models by cutting out normal routes to market and going direct to consumers. How they are using social media to build large online communities to then engage with and sell to. What opportunities are there for wine brands/ wineries to go direct to consumers and build on their cellar door sales. What can we learn from brands that are already shaking up traditional FMCG grocery categories like Harry razors.

Alex Ririe, The Collaborators
Jeremy Thomson, Common Collective Ewan Murray, The Wine Society
Oliver Lea, Bag in Box Wine Company

13:00 The Future: what you need to know now to write your next five year business plan
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We hear from brand experts, consumer specialists and futurologists about what we can expect to happen in both our business and private lives in the next five years. What will be the big disrupting forces and technologies that will transform the way we do business and lead our lives?

Robert Joseph
Marie Stafford, J Walter Thompson (Innovation Group)
Lulie Halstead, Wine Intelligence

14:15 So what do you stand for? How business is now more about what values you have, the differences you make, not just the wines you sell
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Look at any consumer study, particularly of millennials and younger shoppers, and what a business stands is now a major factor in which products, brands and services they will buy. So how relevant are you to your customers? What do you stand for? We look at how brands and companies are changing the way they work to stand out and make sure they are a business that can be trusted and cared about.

Alex Ririe, The Collaborators
Dan Cullen-Shute, Creature London
Jackie Fast, Rebel Pi, business entrepreneur, BBC Apprentice
Mark Roberts, Lanchester Wines


15:30 Consumers don’t just want to buy wine - they want to experience it. What are you doing to get on the ride?
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Across the high street retailers and brands are having to find new ways to engage with and excite consumers to look at what they are doing. It is impacting everything we do from retailing, devising wine lists to running tastings and events. We look at how different retailers and brands are living up to the challenge to entertain and showcase their stores and brands in ever more innovative, immersive, interactive, fun and memorable ways.

Illy Jaffar, Kinetic Creative Communications
Duncan Garrood, Ten Entertainment
Steven Lamb, River Cottage
Charlie Mitchell, CGA
Jackie Fast, Rebel Pi, business entrepreneur, BBC Apprentice 

16:45 Turning training on its head. What skills we now need to sell more wine
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It’s no longer just enough just to have formal wine education. A WSET certificate is the basics of what you need. Now it’s all about the soft skills on top. The negotiating tactics, the sales techniques, the marketing, presentation, and data analysis that helps you win the contract. What management and support skills do you offer or can your company provide them for you? How are different operators are using specialised sales and management training to differentiate their business.

Nicole Soames, Diadem Performance
Anneli Thomson, Sandler Training


Tuesday 21 May 2019
Time Name Presenter
10:30 It’s wine but not as we know it - how bourbon aged wines, fruit wines, blue wine are shaking up the usual reds, whites and roses
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The wine purists might not like it but some of the fastest growing wine categories are for the new non-traditional wine styles that are fast shaking up what we can find on the average supermarket aisle. From bourbon aged wines to fruit flavoured wines, even blue coloured wine, what’s happening and what can we expect next? What lessons can we learn from other drinks categories and why criss-crossing flavours and styles are only going to become more popular.

Robert Joseph, wine consultant, Innovator of the Year, BDWA
Chuck Cramer, Terlato Wines
Neil Anderson, Kingsland Drinks
Richard Halstead, Wine Intelligence
James Hick, 1000 Stories, CYT UK

11:45 David and Goliath: how big and small businesses are coming together to help each other grow, diversify and better understand how to do business in the future
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Why are so many major corporates setting up their own incubator and start-up divisions to help smaller companies grow, develop and then work with them to bring new products to market. What are the benefits for both? What lessons can we learn? What opportunities are their for wine companies, retailers, restaurants or bars to do the same?

Keith Webb, investor, ex Bargain Booze
Scott Simpkin, Seedrs
Shilen Patel, Distill Ventures
Liam Manton, Didsbury Gin
Tim Boag, financial consultant, ex Bank of Scotland  

13:00 Follow the data: Using data to make better business decisions
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Being able to access, manage and use the data we all have in our companies is seen as one of the biggest dilemmas, challenges and opportunities for business leaders big and small. Find out how different wine companies are working with data specialists to get closer to their customers and offer them a better, more personalised service and make better decisions. What difference can data make to your business?

Ben Marriott, Bevica
Julien Sahut, Wine Picker
Jon Pepper, MW, Enotria & Coe
Alex Linsley, Liberty Wines

14:15 Carry on at your convenience: why convenience, being able to shop locally and getting what you want, when and were you want it is now vital for any wine business
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Smartphones have brought the high street to the palm of our hands. They are also transforming the way we shop and behave. Now being local, relevant and convenient is everything. But how relevant are you to people where they live? How to make the most of the local, convenience store sector. What steps can you take to make yourselves more relevant to shoppers who want things brought to them or as close as possible.

Keith Webb, consultant, ex-Bargain Booze/Conviviality Retail
Sarah Butler, The Co-op
Andy Marino, Asian Trader
Marc Patch, GM Drinks

15:30 Psychology of selling: It’s not what you say, but how and where you say it
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Following the great success of last year’s session we look even further into the skills being used by retailers, brands and psychologists to better understand how we think and what triggers us to make certain buying decisions. Hear direct from psychology experts and top FMCG brands that have changed the way a products sells simply by how we describe it, market and promote it.

Zana Busby, Retail Reflections
Joe Fattorini, Fields Morris & Verdin, The Wine Show
Zibba Goddard, Cowry Consulting 

16:45 Promoting wellness and self help culture in business
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How businesses are taking a lead on driving a wellness culture in their business to help staff with mental health, stress, lifestyle and the issues of working in the drinks industry. Chance to build on last year’s session with The Benevolent.

Shana Clarke, ShanaSpeaksWine.com
Chris Porter, The Benevolent
Andrew Mannini, M Restaurants
Sorcha Holloway, UK Wine Hour


Wednesday 22 May 2019
Time Name Presenter
10:45 Debate – Opening the door to Innovation
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Our panel debate how to inject greater innovation into the wine industry, looking to alternative drinks products and packaging for inspiration. We’ll explore potential trade and consumer resistance to change and discuss how to overcome it.

Andrew Catchpole, Harpers Wine & Spirit
Ivan Bell, Stranger and Stranger
Andrew Nunney, Accolade Wines
Muriel, Borough wines
Rebecca Davis, CyT
Nick Gillett, Mangrove
12:00 Going after teetotallers - How do we make money from no/low alcohol
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There has been a major rise in people who are cutting down on their drinking or not having any alcohol or all - 17% of all 16-24 year olds have never had a drink. What does the wine industry do? How do we become relevant to those who are turning their back on booze. How do we appeal to soft drinks and coffee lovers. What are the low/no drinks categories we need to be watching and taking inspiration from

Kamila Sitwell, Kolibri Drinks
Simon Oastler, Broadland Wineries
Tom Evans, brand ambassador for Low and No at Adnams
David Cartwright, Seckford Agencies
Andy Crossman, Kantar
Mark Meek, IWSR 
13:15 Calling Major Tom: how voice search, digital assistants & internet of things is changing the way we buy and sell
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Can your product or service be found through voice command? If not it needs to be. Voice search is set to be the most important way brands and retailers are going to be able to sell their products in the future. We look at how businesses are successfully using voice search and other new smart, connected ways to be more relevant in consumers’ lives. From selling to educating loyal customers about your brands how do you get smarter in your business?

Steff Preyer, Tipi Group
James Poulter, Vixen Labs
14:30 Private label: we ain’t seen anything yet
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Private label and exclusive brands have had a new lease of life as more retailers/restaurants want their own bespoke/personal wines to sell. What is the best way to do private label, the do’s and dont’s, the growth in specialist own brand operators and what it all means for big brands. For retailers, merchants, restaurants, wine clubs and more it’s all about being able to offer personalised, premium products where you control your own supply chain.

Mark Jarman, Morrisons
Andy Crossman, Kantar
Nick Beck, Borough Wines
Andrew Porton, Wine Fusion

Registration for our 40th edition opens in January 2020.