Samples & Fair Usage Policy

LWF Samples & Fair Usage Policy.

There are THREE ways for visitors to request and obtain samples via London Wine Fair Digital 2021.

1. Sample request buttons: A visitor can click on these buttons next to a wine and the exhibitor will receive a sample request notification.

The exhibitor should respond to all requests.

The exhibitor is entitled to request more information from the visitor should they need it before confirming if they can dispatch a sample. Our exhibitors each have different specialisms and service different sectors within the wine industry. It may not always be appropriate for them to supply a sample at cost to them. They are under no obligation to do so. Requests can be made from overseas and UK visitors.

2. Sample pack orders: A visitor can click to receive a sample pack from an exhibitor. An order is placed through the snipcart platform. London Wine Fair receives these orders and checks for “fair usage” from the visitors before dispatching samples. Packs can only be dispatched within the UK.

3. Masterclass samples: Visitors can apply to attend as many of the LWF masterclasses as they are interested in. The LWF team will utilise a formula to ensure that as many as possible of the applicants are accepted to at least one session and then use a policy of matching the most relevant sectors of the industry (on-trade/off-trade/press etc) with the sponsors of the session. Finally, where there are more applicants than places, a first come first served policy is implemented.


What constitutes fair usage?

A visitor should only ever receive one sample of each wine requested, or one pack from any single exhibitor. Duplicate sample pack requests will be deleted by LWF. If insufficient information has been provided to establish the visitors’ active role in the industry then LWF or the exhibitor retain the right not to dispatch a sample.

The LWF team request that professional LWF visitors do not repeatedly request samples or endeavour to enter different addresses, to obtain multiple samples.

If misuse of the sample request or sample pack ordering system is detected LWF retains the right to deactivate a visitors’ ticket and thus deny their access to the event.