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The 39th edition of London Wine Fair was a huge success, featuring over 14,000 wines from 32 countries, innovative tastings, critical masterclasses and a host of outstanding features.

Planning is underway for our 40th edition, taking place from 18-20 May 2020.

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London Wine Fair to remodel visitor registration

London Wine Fair to remodel visitor registration

The organisers of the London Wine Fair have announced a remodeling of the visitor registration system. 


Following initial investment in the database last year, which resulted in a rise of 17% in attendees, the second phase will see visitors better categorised and an introduction of a charge – for some – for the first time.  Members of the trade who will be charged to attend, will include importers (excluding buyers) who have elected not to exhibit and who are considered competition to those companies who do. 


Commenting on the strategy, Head of London Wine Fair, Hannah Tovey, said: “the decision to charge a small section of the trade is something we have considered very carefully, and we feel it is the right thing to do.  We have listened to our exhibitors – particularly the U.K. agents – who feel their significant investment in the show is being undermined when other agents who choose not to exhibit subsequently attend – often en masse – with the specific intention of doing business and benefitting from the valuable, high-level networking opportunities.  I want to stress that all members of the trade are welcome, and we are not introducing this charge as a deterrent; rather, it is about protecting our exhibitors and their investment and underlining the inherent value of attending the show. In the context of rising venue and supplier costs it represents the most even-handed way to continue with a more sustainable and equitable LWF for the whole trade to benefit from.  U.K. importers not exhibiting but legitimately attending in a buying capacity, will be most welcome and offered a free pass as our guests.


“As a Corporate Partner of The Benevolent we are delighted to have agreed with them that 10% of all ticket revenue will be donated to the charity as part of our ongoing support the industry.”


The following visitor ticket types will now be in place:
“Buyer”:  those with a buying responsibility in the on-trade and off-trade; buyers for importers (U.K. and international).
“LWF Guest Pass”:  on or off-trade staff; Masters of Wine; Master Sommeliers; Association of Wine Educators; marketeers; and publishers.  These include members of the trade who are on a career path within the wine industry and would particularly benefit from features such as the Education Zone. It will also include non-exhibitors who are invited as speakers or to collect awards.
“Exhibitor Guest Pass”:  these visitors will be invited by exhibitors and sponsors, for specific meetings and activities, and as such are the invitee of that exhibitor.
“Press Pass”:   active drinks writers.
“Paid Ticket”:   members of the trade who do not fall into the above categories and - importantly - those who do not register in advance. The charge will be £60 for one day or £120 for all three days.


The vast majority of the trade will be unaffected. Those members of the trade who no longer qualify for a free badge will be notified in early February. Visitor registration is open now.