18 - 20 May 2020

Olympia London

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The ultimate show for the wine trade

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The 39th edition of London Wine Fair was a huge success, featuring over 14,000 wines from 32 countries, innovative tastings, critical masterclasses and a host of outstanding features.

Planning is underway for our 40th edition, taking place from 18-20 May 2020.

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Hildon Natural Mineral Water official water sponsor of #LWF19

Hildon Natural Mineral Water official water sponsor of #LWF19

Hildon Water is synonymous with chic dining and highest quality entertaining.  All those who have heard of Hildon imagine that its World-wide reach is managed from an impressive multi-million pound network or that it is part of global corporate collection, like so many of its peers.

 But this could not be further from the truth.  The small team that look after every aspect of this quintessentially English brand work from a small building that has been designed to blend in with the Hampshire countryside within which it sits, just metres from the source of the eponymous water. 


In fact, visitors would be hard pushed to notice evidence of any commercial activity, despite the state of the art facility.  The landscape appears virtually untouched, as deer roam freely, red kite wheel overhead and hares and other wildlife dart around.


After all, a large team is not needed, when the most important key to Hildon’s success is to respect and harness Mother Nature’s finest gift; created over decades as rainwater filters through unique soil strata into a hidden aquifer from where the water is drawn, tested and bottled;  No additives, no extensive processing. 


Hildon likens itself to the Montrachet of bottled waters. Like fine wine, their pure water is heavily influenced by its ‘terroir’ or the land from which it flows. The chalk hills of the Test Valley provide its fresh clean taste, which is why it is so vital the land is preserved as it always has been.  


Conservation is something which is firmly enshrined in the company's ethos. Whether planting new trees to enhance the natural habitat or investing in low emission vehicles, or trying to improve on their 95% recyclable record, everything the company does is with one eye on the environment.


The team’s almost obsessive guardianship of the land around the source certainly pays dividends.  Hildon has the highest classification of Natural Mineral Water.  It is consistent and pure; and with a unique mineral and sodium composition, making it the perfectly balanced water to accompany any fine meal or simply to rehydrate. 


It is no wonder that Hildon is the water of choice for some of our best British Athletes, top chefs (winning Readers Choice Award for seven consecutive years in a row), fine wine experts and bears the Royal Warrant as the water of choice to HM the Queen.