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20th - 22nd May 2019

Olympia London

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London Wine Fair 2018 welcomed over 14,000 of the wine trade to its 38th edition.

Featuring over 14,000 wines from 40 countries, innovative tastings, critical masterclasses and a host of outstanding features, the show is an unmissable destination for anyone in the industry. Registration will open in January 2019 for the next edition.

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The latest in wine tech at LWF18

The latest in wine tech at LWF18

Check out the Liquid Opulence stand at LWF, which will be showcasing the best technology in the marketplace for wine accessories including iSommelier, the Ifavine wine preserve and Kaelo iceless ice bucket.

Alongside this, visit their stand for a chance to win an ifavine iSommelier pro or a runners up prize of an ifavine p100 wine preserver.

iSommelier is a smart decanter with a global patent. It uses molecular filter technology to isolate oxygen from the air, and filters 90% purified oxygen throughout the wine in the unique carafe. The filter takes out carbon dioxide, nitrogen and dust particles in the air leaving close to pure oxygen which is then pumped through the body of the wine.
The "Pro" model includes a free app with a database which currently contains 550,000 different wines and spirits from across the globe. You can search manually or take a picture of the label on the bottle. Once the search is complete, the app will communicate with the "iSommelier Pro" and send optimum preset decant times for the chosen wine and vintage, along with food pairings, winery information and history. All at the touch of the button.

When it comes to decanting, all you need from the air is oxygen. Unfortunately, air only contains 21% oxygen, this is why traditional decanting process takes so long, because all you need is oxygen from the air.

The system reduces decanting by a factor of 1 to 60, meaning one minute real time is the equivalent of a one hour traditional decant.
iSommelier effectively reduces traces of methanol, sulfur dioxide, and other harmful substances in the wine. The decanting process becomes efficient, thorough and healthier.
With this efficient and intelligent decanting process, iSommelier maximises the level of aroma and flavour, lowers acidity, softens tannins, and will bring the potential of each wine to reach its peak status. It can bring a wine to a level of maturity that would otherwise take years of cellaring.

Ifavine P100 wine preserver
Discover the freedom to enjoy a single glass of wine at a time with the unique iFAVINE wine preserver. With just a quick release of 99.99% Argon gas you can control and preserve the wine for up to 30 days! No loss of aroma, colour and flavour.
Argon gas is completely inert, meaning it is colourless, flavourless and odourless. Because the gas is heavier than air it forms an invisible layer over the top of the wine and stops it breathing, giving you the freedom drink your wine over time without spoiling it.

Kaelo Iceless Ice buckets
Hand made in England

Perfectly chilled. Always within arm's reach.

From a quiet night in on the sofa, to entertaining with friends, Kaelo serves each glass of wine as perfectly chilled as the first.
Regulates temperature unlike ice, which will over cool, melt and warm up. This can damage the body of the wine, which will affect the taste.
Features a touch sensitive crown with multi LED lit surround, changeable colours and colour flow mode.

Liquid Opulence will also be holding tastings of some of Australia’s best wines throughout the three days on stand.