How To Guide - For Exhibitors

Thank you for choosing to exhibit at London Wine Fair - Digital Edition

Many of these tools are brand new for the trade, so below is a guide to using them, and making the most of the event.

Of course, if you need any more details, we are always here to help.

How does LWF Digital work?

The virtual show is split into two different platforms. They work well together and should create a simple experience for visitors, but it does require slightly different set-up requirements for exhibitors. For ease we'll talk about them separately.

The first platform is Bottlebooks, which is used to manage your virtual stand and sampling. The second is Brella, which is used by your team for networking, meetings and hosting masterclasses and presentations.

Think of it this way, Bottlebooks is your stand and Brella is your people.

What is a join code?

London Wine Fair runs on join codes. These are six digit codes, unique to you and your staff, that we will email to you. (Ask your account manager if you don't have yours). Anywhere that you have to log in, whether that is Bottlebooks or Brella - you will need this code. The good news is, once you have entered it into each platform once, you won't need to again.

Note: Did you participate in our Welcome Back Wednesday event? If yes, you will receive new join codes for the main event. NB. The codes you were given for WBW will no longer work.

Platform 1: Bottlebooks - Setting up your virtual stand

Tip: Any questions while setting up your stand, we have a dedicated support line:

Only the person responsible for your stand set-up needs to access the Bottlebooks back-end (if you would like multiple people to edit the stand, please email the support line.

We will send your Bottlebooks login directly to you, but for ease, the direct link is here.

Note: This link doesn't apply if you are a non-wine exhibitor, or you have a pavilion booked.

When you set-up an account with Bottlebooks it will link you to your stand and you can begin to upload products.

Follow the step-by-step guide, entering as many details as possible (many questions are optional)

You can add your company details, logo and images.


Add your products, tasting notes and bottle shots.


If you have booked a sample pack, or sample request buttons, you can add them while adding products.

You will then have a chance to review your stand before pressing 'Publish'.

Platform 2: Brella - Setting up networking for your team

Tip: Brella have an extensive and searchable database of common questions and set-up help. Most of your questions should be solved here:

If not, feel free to contact your account manager.

Each member of your team who wishes to network in Brella will need to set-up their own personnel profile in the platform. They can all use the same join code that you used for Bottlebooks.

We will send your Brella links directly to you, but you can also get there from the Bottlebooks landing page, or by clicking the direct link below and entering your join code:

Note: You will only be able to register the number of staff you've signed up for. If you want to add more, please contact your account manager.

Step 1: Click the link above and enter your code – you will be prompted to sign-in or create an account – use your own details here and whichever password you like. Once you put the company name in, it will link you all together with the rest of your team.

Step 2: You will then reach the event start page, click “Start networking”

Step 3: Select the days you are available for networking/meetings on.

Step 4: Choose your categories – this will determine the types of visitors you are matched with. For example if you click “Europe” under “Wine & Other drinks”, and then click “Offer or sell this” – it will match you with visitors looking to buy wine from Europe. You can choose as many categories as you like.

Step 5: Fill in your personal introduction (280 characters max)

Then Brella will find your matches, and suggest visitors to book meetings with. It will also make you available on the your company's stand so visitors can contact you directly.


To search for visitors and book meetings, click “People” on the left hand side.

Click “Edit your profile” on the right if you would like to amend your intro text or categories.

To view your stand in Brella, click “Exhibitors” on the left hand side and search your company name.

What if i want to experience the event as a visitor?

Visitors access the event from the landing page here:

Use your join code to access and move between the platforms.

We hope you enjoy the event, and as always, we're here if you have any questions. Other resources include:


Banners to promote your appearance at the event:

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